Topic: Healthy Aging

face mask

To Mask or Not to Mask

What does it take to change a behavior? What prompts some people to recognize the critical importance of wearing face protection during these virus-laden days,

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Get Those Legs Pumping

Lower-body strength is particularly important for maintaining mobility and avoiding injury as we age. Austin Cantrell, general manager of Anytime Fitness in Central Point, always

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All Choked Up?

When you’re eating a sandwich, you suddenly feel like your last bite didn’t go down your throat. There’s an uncomfortable feeling that you’re choking, but

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mens health quiz

Men’s Health Quiz

Whether they’ll admit it or not, men need regular health screenings just as much as women do. Dr. Eric Webb, a general practitioner with Providence

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sounds header

Surrounding Sound

Long before he became an expert in hearing loss, Robert Folmer used to go hunting as a kid. “We would go hunting and shoot the

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Lakeland Senior Living - Eagle Point, OR

Lakeland Senior Living

Surrounded by open spaces, natural beauty and opportunities for recreation, Lakeland Senior Living welcomes older adults at Southern Oregon’s “Gateway to the Lakes.” The city

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200324 EP117 Happiness in Progress

Gracefully Aging

“What I really want to get down to is the core of how we see ourselves regardless of what our appearance actually is. I want

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Happy Teeth, Healthy Body

Dental professionals consider periodontal disease — an inflammatory condition of the gum and bones surrounding the teeth — a dangerous health problem. According to the

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Seeing in 2020

The last decade has seen many advances in medicine, especially in the field of optometry. With the advent of new technologies, therapies and treatments, local

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mediterranean diet

Join the Med Club

In January, U.S. News and World Report released its annual ranking of the world’s best diets for 2020 and named the Mediterranean diet as No.

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