Topic: Healthy Aging

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Turning 65?

For people 65 and older, the federal government provides a health insurance program known as Medicare. You can enroll in Medicare anytime between three months

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Mixing Things Up

Have you ever hit a roadblock with your medication? Maybe your child needs a smaller dose of a medication which is not commercially available, or

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Denture Facts to Chew On

Your oral health is a vital part of your total health. The following information was compiled in cooperation with the American Dental Association and offers

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New Health Tools to Use

Here’s the scene. You’re sitting in your health provider’s office — wait, make that sitting in front of your computer waiting for your doctor to

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face mask

To Mask or Not to Mask

What does it take to change a behavior? What prompts some people to recognize the critical importance of wearing face protection during these virus-laden days,

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Get Those Legs Pumping

Lower-body strength is particularly important for maintaining mobility and avoiding injury as we age. Austin Cantrell, general manager of Anytime Fitness in Central Point, always

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All Choked Up?

When you’re eating a sandwich, you suddenly feel like your last bite didn’t go down your throat. There’s an uncomfortable feeling that you’re choking, but

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mens health quiz

Men’s Health Quiz

Whether they’ll admit it or not, men need regular health screenings just as much as women do. Dr. Eric Webb, a general practitioner with Providence

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Surrounding Sound

Long before he became an expert in hearing loss, Robert Folmer used to go hunting as a kid. “We would go hunting and shoot the

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Lakeland Senior Living - Eagle Point, OR

Lakeland Senior Living

Surrounded by open spaces, natural beauty and opportunities for recreation, Lakeland Senior Living welcomes older adults at Southern Oregon’s “Gateway to the Lakes.” The city

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Sept. 2020 TOC:

  • Take to the River: Social distance on the water
  • Menobelly & Metabolism: Hormone changes and weight gain during menopause
  • Flexible & Functional: How KT tape works with the body to offer support and lessen pain
  • This Little Piggy: With the proper care, guinea pigs can be an endearing home companion
  • Pump Up and Push Through: Pushup variations build upper body strength
  • Mama Mia, Zucchini! 5 ways to enjoy abundant zucchini and summer squash
  • The Skinny on Sweeteners: Choosing natural sugars can have health benefits