Starter Metabolism Boost for Midlife

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Dr. Laura Robin of Rosa Transformational Health in Medford and Dr. Ajana Miki of Ashland Natural Medicine in Ashland suggested these tips to kick start a sluggish metabolism in midlife.

Intermittent fasting: Giving the digestion system a break helps the body regulate blood sugar. There are several strategies for intermittent fasting. Miki suggests starting with 12 hours between eating and striving for 16 hours apart each day

Begin the day with exercise: Find a short (7-15 minutes), high intensity fitness app that works all the muscle groups to get the body’s metabolism up and running. For women, look for exercises that emphasize glute and thigh muscles. If you are a beginner, you should consult with your provider to get the OK that this is right for you.

Sit and breathe: Schedule 10 minutes a day to listen to calming music or the sounds around you. Strive for two sessions a day as you progress. Whenever you feel tense during day, stop and take three breaths into the belly. (If you have an atypical level of stress and emotional disturbance, consider consulting a therapist to help.)

Schedule more sleep: Set wake-up and bedtime limits to ensure you get seven hours of sleep.

Reduce or cease the main calorie offenders: White sugar and carbohydrates top the list when it comes to empty calories. Shift your choices to healthy proteins, fats and fiber. Start with a three-week sugar or grain fast and see how you feel before adding back in moderate amounts.

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