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Since 2008, Oregon Healthy Living has inspired a healthier Rogue Valley community by providing quality whole-life wellness advice, insight and education for people who want to live life to the fullest. Health isn’t a fad in Southern Oregon; it’s a way of life, with deep roots and broad reach.

In 12 issues a year, topics range from physical health, nutrition and fitness to alternative health practices, mental health and even caring for our pets. At Oregon Healthy Living, we believe that knowledge is power and can motivate change, and that you can improve your wellness, fitness and health at any point in life.

Oregon Healthy Living is part of the Rosebud Media family, based in Medford, Oregon.

Cheryl P Rose

Cheryl P. Rose

Specializing in the health care industry, writer and editor Cheryl Rose creates health and wellness information for both the public and providers. She enjoys gardening, reading, gabbing with friends and being a mom. She is married, and her family includes two teenagers and a tuxedo cat with a funny mustache.


Micah Leigh, Contributing Writer

Micah Leigh

Micah Leigh enjoys reading, dancing, listening to podcasts and TED Talks, and spending time with family and friends. She is a Master Gardener and a Master Naturalist. Being in nature brings her joy and relieves stress. She thinks it is imperative to keep learning about our world for as long as we are alive!
Tessa DeLine

Tessa DeLine

Tessa DeLine is a food photographer, stylist and knows her way around a kitchen. She has 10 years of food service experience and is a former food blogger. Her focus is using fresh, colorful, organic and local ingredients in her recipes.
Rebecca Scott, Contributing Writer

Rebecca Scott

As a writer, Rebecca Scott loves to turn the infamous “blank page” into inspiring, educational, empowering and authentic content. She enjoys traveling, reading, weightlifting, baking and spending time with her husband and Labrador retriever. Photo by Angelica Owens.

Cindy Wilson, Contributing Writer

Cindy Quick Wilson

Cindy Quick Wilson published her first freelance article in 2002 about riding her newly purchased Harley-Davidson from Flagstaff, Arizona to Seattle, Washington. She has written columns and articles for multiple publications. She enjoys RV camping, quilting, reading and romping with two feisty rat terriers.
Sarah Lemon, Food Writer

Sarah Lemon

Freelance writer and editor Sarah Lemon gathers inspiration from cooking, gardening and exploring all things epicurean in her native Oregon. She frequently contributes articles and podcasts to the Mail Tribune, which also hosts her blog, The Whole Dish. She has represented Southern Oregon as an ambassador for Travel Oregon, and she often serves as a judge for the region’s various culinary competitions and festivals. Photo by Andy Atkinson.

Denise Baratta, Photographer

Denise Barrata

Denise Baratta has worked as a news photographer in Southern Oregon since 1993. She loves hiking, photographing the desert, rockhounding and exploring ghost towns. She is married and has an adult daughter.
Aaron Cooper, Contributing Writer

Aaron Cooper

Aaron Cooper is a communications strategist in the health care industry. As an occasional contributor, Aaron enjoys writing about health and fitness.