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OHL Chicken Shoot 020

Are Fowl for You?

Like just about everything, raising chickens has its pros and cons. We asked a couple of local chicken owners, Andy Pyle of Ashland and Aaron

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dog bathing

Tub Time Tips

When your pet needs a bath, it may seem easier to drop Toby off at the groomer’s and let a pro deal with the hairy

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Dog Hikes

Happy Trails and Tails

Outdoor enthusiasts often love exploring nature with their dog. If you’re like many pet parents, there’s nothing better than seeing your dog’s bright, happy eyes

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Dog and Cat

The Blood Sugar Blues

There are relatively few diseases that animals and humans share but as with people, diabetes in dogs and cats can lead to serious health problems,

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48085565 m

Kitties on the Edge

Though cats often act as if they are far above the everyday worries we humans struggle with, they are much more vulnerable to stress than

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105311812 m

Unchain My Heart

Jethro, a Myrtle Creek pit bull, spent the first six years of his life chained up as a guard dog. Taking his job seriously, he

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121293426 m

Getting Fleas to Flee

Pet owners often believe fleas are a seasonal problem, but these pesky little devils can be a year-round threat. The worst of the flea season

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safe pet habits


While it’s true most pet parents would never intentionally do things to cause harm, some habits can have dire consequences for our four-legged family members.

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