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The Eyes of a Child

As children grow and develop, so do their eyes. School work often demands a lot of visual involvement, such as reading or writing. However, even

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Wise Women

Being pregnant during a pandemic upends your birth plans. Stephanie Danyi of Ashland, expecting her first child, is having a home birth this month rather

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Cross-country Running

Great runners aren’t born – they’re made. Or so say the cross-country coaches of two Southern Oregon schools. Travis Dick, head cross-country coach and math

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Acting on Acne

Acne is often considered a normal rite of passage for adolescents. Some cases resolve on their own. However, severe cases can lead to scarring that

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Cooking 101

Cooking 101

Leaving the nest also means leaving the comforts of home, including the kitchen. Parents who want to help their kids make the leap should avoid

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Learning to Parent

Any parent will tell you that raising a child can feel like the toughest job in the world. Add to that the challenges of special

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Yuck! to Yum!

Most parents hope it’s a passing phase, but pickiness actually can be fostered in the womb and ingrained in infancy.  Babies’ first flavors are discerned

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Enhancing Fertility

When couples decide to start a family and cannot conceive, it can turn into a heartbreaking—and expensive—ordeal. Western medicine has made great advancements in the

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Triad Trouble

When a women’s soccer coach in Southern Oregon noticed players at risk for a complicated and rare medical condition, she asked for help from local

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