Stretch Your Neck

Exercises and movements to alleviate text neck

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Phil Hanson, a physical therapist with Jackson County Physical Therapy in Medford, demonstrates different exercises and stretches to help with pain from text neck. Photo by Jackson County Physical Therapy.

With the head placed in forward and downward positions so often in using devices, it is important to incorporate proper stretches into your routine.

Cervical retraction

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Face forward and pull head backward without tipping head up or down. Make a double chin. You should feel a gentle stretch on the back of the neck up to the base of the skull.

Upper trapezius stretches

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Tilt your head to one side and use the weight of your hand resting on your head to feel the stretch on the side of neck down to the shoulder. Don’t pull forcefully with your hand, but rather use the weight of the arm to help increase stretch.  


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Squeeze shoulder blades back and together while pulling, keeping elbows at side.

Chest stretch on foam roller

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Lie on a foam roller and let arms gently fall to the side, causing a light stretch across the chest.

Chest stretch in corner 

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Face a corner and place arms on walls. Step forward with one foot toward corner until feeling a stretch across the chest.


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