LEG DAY #2: Lunges

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Prioritizing “compound” movements – exercises that engage the legs and other supporting muscle groups simultaneously – will produce the best results, according to Andy Howell, a personal trainer at Aspire Fitness in Medford.

  1. Lunges/reverse lunges – There are many different variations of lunges, but Howell advises to start with the basic forward lunge to work the quads, glutes and hamstrings. Pay attention to proper form, making sure that the front knee stays behind the toes.  Work into a rotation of body weight exercises two times or so a week.

Originally published November 2019

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“Most clients only have about a half-hour of weightlifting time available, so I recommend they budget about 75% of that on the legs and 25% on the upper body.”

– Andy Howell, Aspire Fitness, Medford



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