Topic: July 5, 2020

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Waterfall Wandering

Waterfalls are magical. There is something about cascading water that fascinates us, from ethereal trickling ribbons to dramatic, roaring plunges. There is a whole culture

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Off to Dreamland

We all want restful, restorative sleep, the kind of sleep we got as a child. As we get older, however, restful sleep can become elusive.

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A Real Pain in the Neck

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, texting or watching YouTube, you place your neck in a downward position multiple times a day. Known as “text neck,”

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Deliciously Dry

At the height of summer’s bounty, there’s a way to heighten berries’ flavor and nutrition. Dehydrating concentrates both the sweetness and beneficial properties in berries,

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All Choked Up?

When you’re eating a sandwich, you suddenly feel like your last bite didn’t go down your throat. There’s an uncomfortable feeling that you’re choking, but

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Stretch Your Neck

With the head placed in forward and downward positions so often in using devices, it is important to incorporate proper stretches into your routine. Cervical

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Sept. 2020 TOC:

  • Take to the River: Social distance on the water
  • Menobelly & Metabolism: Hormone changes and weight gain during menopause
  • Flexible & Functional: How KT tape works with the body to offer support and lessen pain
  • This Little Piggy: With the proper care, guinea pigs can be an endearing home companion
  • Pump Up and Push Through: Pushup variations build upper body strength
  • Mama Mia, Zucchini! 5 ways to enjoy abundant zucchini and summer squash
  • The Skinny on Sweeteners: Choosing natural sugars can have health benefits