4 Tips to L.O.V.E. Your Life More

For today’s episode, I really wanted to create four actionable items you can add to your life to fall in love with your life again.

Since this month is all about the love – I have an easy to remember acronym for you.


(L)ove the little things.

How do you love the little things?

For most of us, the obvious answer is gratitude.

Loving the little things means taking a moment to enjoy the sunset, flowers coming up through the dirt, the bugs and the birds or the smell of fresh baked bread.

In motherhood, I’ve noticed this REALLY helps on days where my kids are driving me nuts. I just grab my camera and truly focus in on the little things. Somehow capturing their tiny little faces with my camera helps me hone back in on the little things I adore about my kids. Their expressions frozen in time, their perfect noses, their concentration on things they love. 

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