LEG DAY #6: Bridges

Compounding muscle growth

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Prioritizing “compound” movements – exercises that engage the legs and other supporting muscle groups simultaneously – will produce the best results.


Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Thrust your hips straight up, then return your buttocks to the floor.

Repeating this move with three sets of 20 reps is good for conditioning, strengthening your glutes and improving your squats.

Leg Exercises 009

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What about leg extensions and leg curls?

While good for isolating one muscle group at a time, they’re not compound movements. Andy Howell, a personal trainer at Aspire Fitness in Medford, says you don’t want to exert a lot of effort doing these because it will lead to fatigue and take energy away from the compound movements, which provide the greatest benefit.



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