LEG DAY #4: Step-Ups

Strength training for legs and life

Leg Exercises 014
Austin Cantrell, manger of Anytime Fitness in Central Point, demonstrates step-ups, a lower body workout.

By all appearances, men and women have vastly different priorities when it comes to working out: Men focus on building strength and bulk in their upper bodies, while women put more effort into strengthening and toning their lower bodies.

While it’s natural to gravitate toward whatever exercise brings the quickest, most noticeable improvements, fitness experts agree that, male or female, neglecting the lower body is a problem.


A good basic move that works all the leg muscles, glutes and core. Step up with one foot on a box or block (about 12 inches high), then step back down with the same foot. Increase the intensity by adding dum­bbells, using a higher box – some go up to 20 inches or more – adding more repetitions and speeding up the tempo.

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Originally published November 2019

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Male vs. female perspective

“The female mindset naturally focuses on the lower body. Men just don’t think as much about the functionality of their bodies. Men typically don’t realize how important functionality is until they’re older.”

-Austin Cantrell, general manager, Anytime Fitness, Central Point

Trainer’s tip

Intervals, in which you increase the speed or intensity of a given activity, build strength. Time your intervals to measure improvement from one workout to the next.



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