Looking Older Than You Feel?

Tips to keep a youthful look at any age

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Simple tips to adjust makeup and hair styles to adapt to changes in skin and trends.

Ah, youth. We all want it. And we spend tons of money pursuing it! Creams, spa treatments, cosmetic procedures…we will try just about anything. However, there are some simple basic tips to follow for both makeup and hair that will keep you looking your best without going through your savings.

Makeup: What to do and what to avoid

“One of the most common mistakes mature women make is not choosing the right finish and texture in their products,” said Jayme Lee, makeup artist at JLM Artistry in Medford. “As we age, we tend to produce less oil in addition to losing collagen, which often results in dryness or a dull complexion. When choosing a foundation, choose something that has a luminous finish that will give skin a hydrated appearance.”

Lee says that women too often make the mistake of choosing matte finishes or using too much powder which only emphasize texture and dry areas. “Look for foundations with anti-aging serums built in which leave the skin looking plumper and more youthful.”

What about that vast array of eyeshadow we face at the cosmetics counter? “For mature women, it’s usually best to stay away from any eyeshadow that has glitter, intense shimmer or metallic shade. As tempting as it may look, be aware that these products will likely settle into your fine lines and wrinkles. When working on the eyes, use a creamy matte shade for the crease, lid and brow bone. If you really want to add a bit of sparkle, opt for a satin finish or do a light wash of shimmer shadow on the lid for a little bit of glow.”

Another common mistake that will age a mature woman is using black eyeliner in the bottom waterline, the area between the base of your lashes and the eyeball. “Lining your bottom waterline with black eyeliner will do the exact opposite of what you want by making your eyes look smaller instead of larger. The basic rule of thumb is to use a nude or white pencil which will make your eyes appear more open. If you want to add definition to your lower lash line, try smudging a soft brown or taupe shadow between your lashes and use a light- colored liner in the waterline. Your eyes will appear larger and brighter,” says Lee.

What will I do with my hair?

How often do we complain about our hair?  It’s just never quite right. But there are certain things to keep in mind that will help you retain a youthful appearance.

How long is too long? “There is nothing wrong with having some length, but once your hair reaches past your ribs, all you are missing is your pointy black hat and broom,” says Melissa Harris, stylist at H&M Salon in Grants Pass. “Long hair that is too thick can look mop-like, too thin can look stringy. If you are worried about going too short, try a fun shoulder-length layered bob that can be flattering while still giving you the freedom of many different styles. Cut a little at a time. While long hair can add years, drastically cut short hair can give an ‘old lady’ appearance. Practice styling and getting comfortable with shorter hair before jumping into a pixie cut.”

Harris says having the same hairstyle you had when you were in your 20s will not make you look 20. “Nothing emphasizes your age more that an outdated hairstyle. You might as well be wearing your birth year on your forehead. Big bangs belong in the trash. A wall of feathered cemented bangs can be a cry that you are stuck in the 80s. Tousled, touchable hair looks and feels better. Avoid colors that are too harsh. And don’t be afraid to go gray. Gray hair can be stunning but demands a proper cut and style to rock those silver locks. Explore your options. Even if it takes a few tries, updating your look can leave you feeling and looking like a younger version of your best self.”

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Don’t skip the basics!

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Makeup expert Jayme Lee says great makeup starts with great skincare.

“The No.1 mistake I see mature women make is not taking skin prep seriously enough.”

Lee recommends always starting with clean, freshly exfoliated skin to remove all dry flaky areas. Apply a moisturizer with SPF and daily eye cream 5-10 minutes before applying makeup to allow the products to completely absorb into the skin or else they will interfere with your foundation. ”

“Try using a primer,” she says. “There are so many great primers on the market that are designed to smooth fine lines, hydrate and give a subtle glow to the skin. Lastly, remember to use a lip mask or hydrating lip balm. It will prepare the lips for lip color and help it go on smoothly.”



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