Topic: Mental Health

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Forest Therapy

Forest bathing, or “shinrin yoku” in Japanese, is gaining in popularity as a way to de-stress and reconnect with Mother Nature. In contrast to a

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Natural Passions

“It started with an orchid,” says Linda Tucker of Medford. She became a convert to flower hunting after chasing a special bloom to Ashland and

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Running on Empty

When a 25-year-old male experiences stress, he likely won’t have a major health event as a result. However, if he continues to have ongoing stress

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The Role of Adaptogens

They may not have used terminology like “adaptogens,” but even the most primitive humans recognized the healthful benefits of indigenous herbs and roots. “The beautiful

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Sept. 2020 TOC:

  • Take to the River: Social distance on the water
  • Menobelly & Metabolism: Hormone changes and weight gain during menopause
  • Flexible & Functional: How KT tape works with the body to offer support and lessen pain
  • This Little Piggy: With the proper care, guinea pigs can be an endearing home companion
  • Pump Up and Push Through: Pushup variations build upper body strength
  • Mama Mia, Zucchini! 5 ways to enjoy abundant zucchini and summer squash
  • The Skinny on Sweeteners: Choosing natural sugars can have health benefits