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mens health quiz

Men’s Health Quiz

Whether they’ll admit it or not, men need regular health screenings just as much as women do. Dr. Eric Webb, a general practitioner with Providence

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Surrounding Sound

Long before he became an expert in hearing loss, Robert Folmer used to go hunting as a kid. “We would go hunting and shoot the

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EDMR treats trauma

Altering Perceptions

When people suffer from traumatic events or memories, it can affect their lives in many ways. One form of treatment is eye movement desensitization and

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Happy Teeth, Healthy Body

Dental professionals consider periodontal disease — an inflammatory condition of the gum and bones surrounding the teeth — a dangerous health problem. According to the

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Seeing in 2020

The last decade has seen many advances in medicine, especially in the field of optometry. With the advent of new technologies, therapies and treatments, local

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The Stress Effect

It’s common to make a New Year’s resolution every January. Maybe you want to eat healthier, exercise, get more sleep or lose weight. However, it’s

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What a Pain in the Jaw!

Imagine enduring immense jaw pain — clicking, popping or problems fully opening and closing your mouth. After years, you finally receive a diagnosis and learn

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Acting on Acne

Acne is often considered a normal rite of passage for adolescents. Some cases resolve on their own. However, severe cases can lead to scarring that

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The Trouble with Ticks

Ticks are tiny arachnids that are responsible for spreading potentially life-threatening infectious diseases, according to medical professionals. Whether you hike, your pet plays outside, or

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Sept. 2020 TOC:

  • Take to the River: Social distance on the water
  • Menobelly & Metabolism: Hormone changes and weight gain during menopause
  • Flexible & Functional: How KT tape works with the body to offer support and lessen pain
  • This Little Piggy: With the proper care, guinea pigs can be an endearing home companion
  • Pump Up and Push Through: Pushup variations build upper body strength
  • Mama Mia, Zucchini! 5 ways to enjoy abundant zucchini and summer squash
  • The Skinny on Sweeteners: Choosing natural sugars can have health benefits