How to Plank

Want one quick exercise to reap multiple benefits?

how to plank

Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Working multiple muscle groups, the plank is a calorie-burning activity using your own body weight. Planks also help with overall balance, flexibility and posture.


1. Press your palms to the floor shoulder-width apart.
2. Keep your neck aligned to your spine, eyes to the floor.
3. Extend one leg back with toes flexed, then add the other leg. You should be extended from head to toe.
4. Find your balance, keeping your back straight and your weight fully supported by hands and toes.
5. Tighten your midsection, activating the muscles in your core.
6. Keep breathing; don’t hold your breath.
7. Hold position for 30 seconds or longer as you improve. Only hold as long as you can keep the form without sagging or arching. Work up to longer times.
8. Bring knees to floor and sit back on haunches.
9. Let upper body down to the floor, arms stretched ahead (child’s pose in yoga).


Start where you are, whether that’s 10 seconds or one minute.

Strive toward holding three sets of planks for 60 seconds each.

You can break sets up throughout the day, with three or four sets a day.

how to plank bonus

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